Making a difference because we believe that by keeping the client and the learner at the heart of the design process through effective dialogue with collaborative enquiry, research and professional stakeholder debate we will create ‘great schools.’

Located at Learn Space, a dedicated research and development facility ensuring that teachers and design professionals collaborate in the design of spaces and promoting local, national and international learning led design solutions within current resourcing and funding

A membership organisation that believes by bringing together teachers, educators, design professionals, researchers and all those who value the importance of improving learning opportunities and life chances for young people, is the only way to develop effective, sustainable and stimulating future educational facilities.

Our Beliefs:

  • Advocacy for all learners is central to our mission
  • Facilities have a direct impact on learning
  • Learner and consumer dialogue should drive the design process
  • An inclusive and collaborative planning process
  • Quality and innovation can be created in the current economic climate
  • Diversity of professional and global perspectives
  • Technology is central to enable ,motivate and inspire all aspects of future learning
  • There are standards by which to measure the effectiveness of facilities
  • Research and ,evidence based activity are essential for the design of space

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