Terry White

Terry began his career as a teacher and has developed wide ranging experience of leadership in Schools and Community Colleges as a Headteacher and Principal over 30 years.

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He has worked in industry as a Director of WSP(Buildings and Management Solutions and as a client design advisor, on educational projects.

He has extensive experience over the last 15 years of both public and private professional activity, advising Local Authorities, School Designers, architects,Federations, Academy Sponsors, Industry, Universities and Voluntary Groups.

Terry has always made the focus of his work the improvement in learning outcomes and life chances for young people and adults .He was a founding Director of Edunova and developed an integrated Education Consultancy to support and promote innovation and change within the Education sector in the UK and abroad. He has travelled and worked in Europe, Australia, America and the Middle East, delivering innovation and path-finder projects including High Tech High in San Diego and Alameda in California.

Terry has drawn on these wider international experiences and has incorporated them into pathfinders in the UK, such as the JCB Academy Skills Academy which became the pathfinder for the first UTC in Staffordshire and the Elm Green School in London which was the first parent promoter school.

Over recent years he has focused on Learning Led Design and Educational Innovation to help design and deliver successful environments for learning. This has included many of the original extensive BSF Projects, Academies, University Technical Colleges and Pathfinder projects working with both client and contractor.He has worked on specialist curriculum projects such as Project Faraday, STEM and Design and Technology implementation strategies within Studio and UTC Business Partnership Frameworks.

He has worked extensively on developing skills and competency frameworks for learning in this country and America to develop a more practical and integrated approach to academic and applied learning projects based on real life applied learning business partnership approaches.

He has a passionate and evidence based belief. He believes that if the vision, pedagogy, learning and organisational needs are fully articulated and owned by clients and stakeholders, and that these are shared with all design professionals,then outstanding facilities that are fit for purpose and sustainable are delivered.As a result of this Terry with other colleagues set up UK Learning /Cefpi in the UK as a membership organisation to promote excellence in environments for learning. Cefpi has now become the Association for Learning Environments (a4le), of which Terry is the Executive Director and chair for the UK.

He was part of a wider team that established the design and development of the Learnspace Project in Northamptonshire and is a member of its Steering Group.

Terry is a member of the a4le Global Steering Group and adjudicates on the International School of the Future Design Competition (SchoolsNext) and the Mac Connell International Awards on building design.

Contact Terry White
M: +44 (0)7958 403396
E: terry.white@a4le.eu


E: terry.white@edunovaspace.co.uk

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