White Paper Research on Innovative Learning Environments Published

We are delighted to publish the summarising research and its findings below. The A4LE Europe Action Research Team has been part of the 20 participating teams across the world. This Scoping Study has leveraged more than a decade of findings from research by the host group (LEaRN), Melbourne University (http://www.iletc.com.au/) other leading research and industry

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09 Apr 2022

Global Research Consortium – The Future of Learning Space Design

What do the leading international industry, education, and research experts believe is the most needed knowledge in innovative learning environments? A4le Europe through its membership established in 2021 The Association for Learning Environments Europe Action Research Team. The details of the team and its approach can be found on our A4LE Europe April update. Join

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02 Mar 2022

A4LE Europe Update April 2022

Dear Colleague – Good wishes for Spring 2022, As we emerge into what we all hope will be a better year we have some very exciting news to share with you all. A4le EUROPE We have formally reconstituted ourselves as A4le Europe. This is an important change and builds on the work that we have

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05 Feb 2022

A4LE Europe update: Good Wishes for The New Year. February 2022

Dear colleague, 2021 has brought us another year of pandemic challenges. The A4LE European Leadership Team recognised that our range of workshops and Learning Spaces Live events could not continue as was planned. A number of our activities were also curtailed as many members also experienced personal and organisational resource constraints.    We have continued to

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Share with A4LE Europe our visit to Agora School in the Netherlands How do we engage young people and all those who work with them, in becoming the creators (not just the consumers) of the design of the spaces and places in which they learn. Click the link below to join Rob Houben as he

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12 Jul 2020

BEYOND COVID: Sustainable Design-the conversation continues

A4LEUK/Europe believes that it is important not only to design for effective transition through COVID but to re-think future design implications post the current pandemic to more sustainable and adaptable contemporary education facilities within schools and learning communities. We have brought back together the teams of staff through our membership who developed a collaborative multi

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