12th July 2020

A4LEUK/Europe believes that it is important not only to design for effective transition through COVID but to re-think future design implications post the current pandemic to more sustainable and adaptable contemporary education facilities within schools and learning communities.

We have brought back together the teams of staff through our membership who developed a collaborative multi -disciplinary design approach for innovative designs for future focused schools at the University of Westminster last year.

The following themes are being explored during July of this year and we will be sharing emerging ideas and concepts over the coming months.

1.The all-through school as a model for innovation.
2.Whole school space planning-making every space an adaptable learning space.
3.New adjacencies and connected learning zones including inside outside spaces.
4.Getting more space without increasing area.
5.Interior design, quality environments, acoustics and FF&E
6.Co-location of school and community facilities.
7.The role of modular and off- site design

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