Special Commendation Award

Posted: 1st January 2017

A4LE UK support leads to Special Commendation award in International Schools of the Future Competition (Schools Next) – Philadelphia, USA

The seven finalists in the SchoolsNext International Schools of the Future Competition met yesterday to present their final critique to the judges. All of the entries were rated of high quality and showed a deep understanding of their projects and were able to articulate their ideas to a panel of global experts from the field of Architecture and Education.

The finalists were all recognised due to their forward thinking approach to designing and creating 21st Century learning spaces. It was noticeable that all entries recognised and ensured their their designs were open, connected and flexible to promote the needs for future learning. The finalists from IPACA discussed, with confidence, their design for a community STEM centre calling on their experience developing and working in the collaborative spaces used daily in their new school building.

The judges awarded the IPACA team a special Commendation prize for their work. They commented that the strength of IPACA’s Maritime House campus, with its 21st century Learning environment, had obviously supported the young learners and driven them to develop a forward thinking STEM centre based on Portland.

David Schrader, Vice Chair of the SchoolsNext jury, commented, ‘The design process that the IPACA learners had participated in, through their PBL approach, showed a depth of understanding of flexible and adaptable learning spaces of the future. They produced an outstanding final design, presented a great scheme of work and demonstrated the value of the power of active learning; enhancing learning opportunities.’

You can see the video submission here:


You can also see the video fly-through created by the learners here:


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